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What is a spy ?

It is a client that we send with the intention that you give us your most sincere opinions. In order to know the pros and cons of accommodation.


A visit or stay of 1 night to an accommodation totally free!

And of course! You will also receive a payment , this will be sent by western union and you can withdraw it after sending us your review that must include photos and a video.



  • A cell phone with a camera that took HD photos and can record a video with good quality.

  • Take photos of the apartment.

  • Photograph common areas of the building.

  • 1 video recording from the outside of the building to the apartment.

  • Send us your review.

  • An identity document that is valid in the country you are in.

Join over 10k happy spies!

Earn money

We will pay you within the minutes you have sent what is required.

Know a new place

Enjoy your stay or visit.

You will feel on vacation

Many of our partners' accommodations are exclusive, you will enjoy a unique experience.

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Thanks for applying! We will reply to you soon.

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